Translating Science Into Business Enterprise

The Founding Scientists

For over 14 years, we have made it our mission to collaborate with innovative practitioners, nutritional experts, and scientists to realize their concepts and ideas into life changing products and applications. This cultivated group called "The Founding Scientists," is what makes GHT the unique, robust and respected organization in industries of nutrition and health.

What that means for business enterprise
Successful diversification. Is highly sought but rarely acquired. Our unwavering commitment to the "Founding Scientists" provides us with the strategic positioning to continually introduce industry-leading discoveries to the global markets through our diversified group of companies, resulting in optimal and comprehensive market exposure on behalf of our "Founding Scientists" partners.

How that benefits every GHT product you buy
Unique. You may not always be abe to see it, smell it or taste it but it is the critical ingredient that makes every GHT product pioneering, relevant and more effective.

Quality. Fulfilled

Company name
Health Specialties Manufacturing


Established date

Manufacturing, Private Labeling

About The Company

This company is focused on delivering manufacturing and production services for Private Label Lines and Contract Manufacturing to the nutritional supplement industry. Full in-house capabilities are supported by multiple production lines, a science team and a dedicated quality team.

Mission Statement

To manufacture and deliver the highest quality nutritional products, in a trustworthy and professional manner, using scientific expertise and providing outstanding services from concept to completion.